Monday, August 25, 2014

Your word is a lamp to my feet
And a light to my path. 

Psalm 119:105

When praying for a new friend, God impressed this verse into my thoughts.  Yes, in a sing-song manner.  :)  

The sing-song words would not go away.  Not at all.  Over and over, it played in my thoughts.  What do I do when things like this happen?  I research. 

I checked the concordance and found it was in Psalm 119.  Uh, oh.  Confession time.  I tend to avoid chapter 119 because, well, it's long.  Very long.  If I were to intensely SOAP the verses of that one chapter it would take 176 days!  Whoa!  That's a long time in one chapter!

But, I just decided to read it, no pressure to SOAP every verse.  I would SOAP if I felt impressed to do so (which I did), but I decided no pressure.  Just read it.

Wow.  Over and over it speaks about reading God's word.  Read His testimonies.  His decrees are counsel for us (verse 24).  His Word strengthens (verse 28).  His Word gives us understanding (verse 130).  On and on this chapter tells why we should read His Word.  

So, I'm going to attempt blogging as I read through the Bible along with "Good Morning Girls" and Women Living Well.  I don't have a very good track record with my blogging, I tend to drop it.  

So, pray with me as we read.  We are starting with Esther 1 on August 31, 2104.  I probably won't blog daily, but hopefully will at least blog once a week.  Thanks for tagging along with me in this journey through the Bible. 

Just learning, word by word.


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